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Stay Safe with AAA De-Icing Services

Are you in Tacoma, WA and finding it hard to clear the ice from your property this winter? Don’t worry, AAA Construction is here to help! Our professional deicing services can help make your driveway, stairs, walkway, railings and parking lot safer during the icy winter months.

We use special salt products that are designed specifically for de-icing, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your property or harming the environment. With our experienced technicians and quality tools, we can take care of all your de-icing needs quickly and efficiently.

Using our services will not only make your property safe during icy conditions; it could also be beneficial for protecting surfaces from wear and tear caused by long winters. Even if you’re in an area with milder temperatures, preventive de-icing can help protect surfaces before they become too damaged or deteriorated.

Don’t wait until ice has already formed before taking action – call us today at 253-709-6563 for a free estimate! We look forward to providing you with reliable service throughout the cold season and keeping you safe.

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De-icing services are not just for roadways. Driveways, stairs, walkways, railings, and parking lots all need to be treated during the winter months in order to reduce the risk of ice-related accidents or damage.


Driveways can be especially dangerous when they become icy; a slippery surface can cause cars to skid and spin out of control. Stairs that have been de-iced are much less likely to cause falls; the same goes for hand rails and walkways. For larger areas like parking lots, it’s important to have an effective de-icing plan in place so that vehicles don’t get stuck in the snow or on icy patches.


No matter what types of surfaces you need to be de-iced, AAA Contruction can help keep your property safe this winter season with our reliable and efficient services. Contact us today to learn more!

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