Bradley Lake Park is one of Puyallup’s best parks. Located on a quiet corner of the city, this 59-acre park has huge grassy open spaces and a paved walking trail around a fishing lake.

In spring, the pond is stocked with hatchery-reared rainbow trout. These are a popular choice for young anglers, who can catch them with bait-fishing rigs or lures that imitate eggs and other baits they prefer to eat. Read on to find out more.

Park History

Bradley Lake Park Puyallup WA is a lovely place to walk your dog, enjoy a picnic or simply sit and relax. It is a 59-acre park centered around a 12-acre lake.

There is also a 1-mile paved trail that circles the lake. It is a great place to walk your dogs, take a stroll or even run.

The lake is stocked with hatchery-reared rainbow trout from March to May. They are very easy to catch with simple bait-fishing rigs like nightcrawlers, salmon eggs, and marshmallows or doughs like PowerBait.

The park is a perfect place to get some fresh air and exercise but be sure to check the fishing regulations to ensure you are not breaking any laws. No motorized boats are allowed in the lake, but fishing is still legal from shore.

Park Amenities

Located smack-dab between Puyallup WA and South Hill WA, Bradley Lake Park provides residents of both cities with a lovely park, walking trail, and lake. Its 59 acres of land offers baseball/softball fields, fishing, grassy areas, public parking, picnic areas, restrooms, trails, and more!

If you are a dog lover, you will want to check out the annual Paws for a Fun event held at Bradley Lake Park. This is a great way to spend a beautiful spring day outside and let your dog roam around the park on leashes!

If you are looking for a fun place to visit that is also a historical landmark, the Meeker Mansion Museum is a great choice. This historical landmark teems with all sorts of 19th-century artifacts. It is a great choice for history buffs and architecture enthusiasts alike! This article is worth reading.

Park Activities

The park offers a wide variety of activities and events. For instance, families can join the annual Summer Reading Program or watch the free summer movies at the park.

The lake is also great for fishing and boating. Its large and pristine waters are a beautiful setting to enjoy with family and friends.

In addition to the lake, Bradley Lake Park also offers a sports complex with baseball and softball fields that are a favorite of locals. There is a playground for kids, as well as tennis and basketball courts.

This 59-acre park was developed and opened in 1997 via voter-approved bond. It consists of a lake and several trails that connect to the nearby residential neighborhood.

Located in South Hill, this park is close to the Western Washington Fairgrounds and offers plenty of entertainment for kids. It also has a mall, making it a great destination for people looking to do some shopping or eat something delicious.

Park Directions

The 59-acre park site features a 12-acre lake, and a full suite of amenities including a paved walking trail, two ball fields, a large picnic shelter, and open grassy areas.

This park is located on the southeast side of Puyallup. It’s a short drive from major highways like Interstate 5.

While there, be sure to check out the parks impressively named “Meeker Mansion,” one of the oldest buildings in Puyallup. Whether you are an avid history buff, a shopper looking for a place to unwind or a family looking to get the kids outside, Bradley Lake Park has something for everyone.

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